Profile of… A Concert-Goer

From as far as I can remember, I have always been involved in the concert/music scene. Since the very young age of 4, I have been actively attending concerts, music festivals, and traveling with my friends and family – and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon (even when I graduate and have to be a *real* adult).

From my first concert, Britney Spears, to my latest show, the 1975 (in Paris), I have seen my music taste change drastically over the years. If you know me, my music will range anywhere from pop, EDM, rock, country, rap, and even jazz. I love to listen to new music whenever I can, to discover new artists and to hopefully expand my music taste even farther.

I have been to countless amounts of concerts, music festivals, and raves and I love sharing my experiences with my friends, so why not share with everyone else! For my blog, I wish for my audience to view my content as original and to encourage people of all experience levels to go out and see a show/concert.

My blog will include everything from tips and tricks for first time music festival goers, to the top 10 best venue’s for concerts. My blog will also include insight on upcoming events/music festivals that are happening in the area, and what to expect when going to a concert by yourself.

Blogs that I love to read include:

  1. Everfest – This blog, which I mainly follow on Instagram, posts pictures and videos from all different music festivals around the world.

2. The Festival Lawyer – This blog is ran by a man who attends festivals himself, but is also a lawyer. He provides information about what to do when approached by a police officer at a festival. With drugs being popular in the rave scene, he makes note of how to stay safe and still have a good time.

3. Vicky Flip Flop Travels – Vicky blogs about her travels, concerts, and music festival experiences. She is based in the UK, so I find her blog posts entertaining and interesting since she has experienced festivals that I have not yet gone to.




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